A New Frontier of Expansion

Expansion plans typically include lines on a map, like this.

A strange dichotomy exists in the small cap crypto space. Projects seem to have either great marketing or great products, rarely at the same time. We’ve all seen projects gain massive momentum based entirely on their release roadmap, only to have them disappoint or take too long to deploy. Other times you’ll find something akin to a hidden gem: excellent working products that are already live, but are still under the radar.

The reality is that both skills require full dedication in order to succeed. It speaks to the fact that great marketers and great developers are almost always mutually exclusive. Not to mention that the people holding those skills can have difficulty coordinating and communicating effectively with their opposites. When they get it right, however, the end result almost seems like magic.

An example of what magic looks like.

In order to solve this all too common problem, RBX is expanding our branding umbrella to welcome in MXS, also known as the Marketing Samurai. Through this venture, the RBX brand will have its own fully dedicated marketing department: RBX Samurai. This division will be focused on marketing the RBX ecosystem and its products, along with carefully selected partners and clients as they currently do.

Read more about MXS at MXsamurai.com

One of the most exciting aspects about this direction is that both organizations will be able to multiply their bandwidth, all while being able to cover more ground. We have been working with the Samurai over the past couple of months. This allows us to organically extend this working relationship into a full-blown cohesive unit, bringing our time-to-market down to zero.

The RBX team and the Marketing Samurai look forward to releasing more details in the upcoming weeks regarding this new direction. While I’m sure that there are several questions already emerging from both sides, rest assured that the specifics will be delivered in due time. Great care will be taken to ensure this transition advances fluidly and as equitably as possible.



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