Fun Times at Rocket High

Rocket High getting ready for the big game.

It’s been a pretty wild month since we released and I think it’s time for a bit of an update. A lot of things have transpired, so I’ll try to summarize as best as possible.

Binance Smart Chain Expansion

General CZ commanding his troops to attack Etheristan.

I think we’re all familiar with the exorbitant gas fees on the ETH network. In the past weeks I’ve seen it go up to 1000+ gwei for a standard transaction. This has brought low value transactions to a halt and has basically given the reins to the whales. While I’m a big proponent for free markets, I realize that costs can be stifling to a project’s growth. That’s why we decided to release Pocket Bomb (PBOM) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Pocket Bomb is a Rocket Bunny (BUNNY) analog on BSC. In fact, its pricing is directly correlated to PBOM: you can bridge BUNNY to BSC and swap for PBOM in order to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. This helps to stabilize the price of both using market forces with zero human intervention. Science.

Rocket Drop Partnerships

As you all know, we’ve been working hard to bring everyone new and exciting staking options on our Rocket Drop platform. Well, that hard work is paying off, and we are ready to “tease” our first partnership for the Rocket Drop platform.

Rocket Ecosystem and RUGZ token partnership.

In about a month, Rocket Drop will host at least two pools for the new RUGZ token, TUGZ. This will be on the ETH side of our network. Users will be able to stake a predetermined amount of tokens (single and LP) in order to earn the new TUGZ token. Due to the early nature of this partnership, more details are to be released soon regarding the specifics.

Rocket Labs: A New Frontier for Rewards

Rocket Lab technicians hard at work and doing science things.

As we all know, there is a difference between a serious project and a temporary fad. Some projects strive for longevity and growth, while others appeal to our baser instincts of fear and greed. This distinct nature is a fact of crypto, and shouldn’t be shunned or ostracized. Both offer opportunities for market participants, regardless of their transparency.

We are aware of this duality, but also aware of the unique opportunities and innovations that said nature brings. A new project with unique tokenomics can bring forth unforeseen innovation into the cryptosphere as a whole. What you may think is a typical “pump and dump” can also bring forth new economic mechanics that continue to propel decentralized finance to the cutting edge.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch Rocket Labs.

Rocket Labs is an open breeding ground for bleeding edge token innovations. Our main focus is to create token contracts that push existing mechanics to their limits and foster innovation. Essentially it’s a test bed for new economic constructs that are tradeable by anyone with access to decentralized crypto networks. Our hope is that these experiments in tokenomics will help propel our industry to new heights, and potentially benefit our holders. The goal is to create novel contracts that offer unforeseen opportunities to its participants, while also rewarding those that are invested in the Rocket Ecosystem.

To be more succinct, Rocket Labs will be a launchpad for fresh token concepts that will be released on both the ETH mainnet and BSC (as of now). Any revenue derived from said token contracts will be shared and distributed to our holders. In other words, if you hold $BUNNY or $PBOM, you get to take part in the economic activity created by our experimental contracts. This is manifested through a yield staking incentive, of which we will release more details on shortly.

The Map to Pluto

Pluto shown here…hey wait a sec! Pluto get outta here you little rascal, this was supposed to be the planet!

We expect that our growing partnerships and extensive releases will bring boundless opportunities to those that join us, along with those that participate with us. The end goal is to create a community that generates benefits for both stakeholders and participants. We hope that you join us on this road to economic pioneering!

Come hang out with fellow Bunnies or ask questions right over at our telegram group:

Or check out our site at:

And don’t forget to say hi on twitter! ->



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