No longer Pocketswap

Gone are the days of having your browser filled with endless tabs trying to trade. Using RBXchange you can trade 18 different chains all in one DEX. We have worked hard to integrate over 115 different dexes across these chains to ensure that you get the best price possible when you trade on RBXchange.

Menu for selecting the chain you want to trade on.

Along with shedding the Rocket Bunny name, we have also shed our Pocketswap DEX branding. We made the shift to RBX partially to increase our professional image. We have noticed a positive response to this shift, and our well-earned reputation for ingenuity and innovation, pushing well-crafted and user friendly DeFi trading infrastructure.

Main Dex

On first glance RBXchange will seem familiar to anyone with DeFi experience, however upon closer inspection you will start to notice features you will not see anywhere else.

Dex Settings

·If you click the green icon to the left of the settings button, you will see our in-house onramp integration. This will allow you to convert the fiat currency of your choice into a myriad of native cryptocurrencies without even leaving our DEX. Rather than doing the easy task of reskinning a third-party onramp function, RBX changes the game again by aggregating real-time pricing from 8 different third party on-ramps to once again, get you the best possible price. RBX is focused on providing you a curated menu of the best Defi infrastructure out there to bring your game to the next level; and here’s the best part…… We are just getting started.

· First up, under the Transaction Settings heading you have the usual auto slippage, the difference being that ours actually works, and you can see it working. Upon sending a transaction, at the bottom of the interface you will see the slippage percentage ticking up, 1% at a time to push your transaction through- very helpful when you are not sure what slippage you need to get your order filled.

· Within the Slippage Tolerance settings, you will see APE mode. This is a simple feature most effectively used on token launches, or in times of rapid price changes. By clicking this option, you will automatically set your slippage amount to a true 50% permitting for the price to move in leaps and bounds while ensuring your transaction has the best chance of not getting left behind. A word of warning, while using APE mode does not automatically mean you will receive 50% less tokens, the transaction will push when it is able to. If you are not careful you will leave yourself open to front running, so use APE mode with caution and DYOR

Under Advanced Settings, you will see LUDICROUS GAS mode. This unique tool will add 75% to the prevailing gas rate, as well as bumping you up to Priority 2. This will ensure that your transaction goes straight to the front of the queue, while others are left waiting in line. This can be used on any chain that RBXchange trades on; however as with APE mode, you should keep in mind that high ETH gas fees can quickly add up. On smart chains such as BSC, or layer 2s where gas fees are significantly lower, this option could be a very valuable tool in your trading arsenal.

What then, are the advantages of using RBX? Trade execution. We all know the pain of trying to buy/sell something moving fast, whether it be a hyped token launch or a meme coin pumping and hitting new highs every minute. Nothing can take the wind out of your trading sails like putting in a well-timed buy/sell order, just to watch it get cancelled due to unfavorable price movement. Using RBX will give you the best chance possible at getting your orders filled, and your bags packed. Markets are a wild place and the last thing you want is to be left on the sidelines because the bus to the moon left you behind.



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Welcome to RBX, A cornerstone of the Carbon ecosystem of products, the RBX token is used for general utility purposes across our multi-token suite.