State of the Eco. Update: Rocket Knockers NFTs

Hello there Bunny Rocketeers! It’s been awhile since our last update, seems our editor’s mind got lost down The Rabbit Hole! All jokes aside, rest assured our team has been hard at work innovating, technovating, and elevating our ecosystem to new heights, and the fruits of our labors are neigh at hand!

Let’s take the bass ackward rout and begin with our newest exciting creation: Rocket Knockers! (Get ’em while they’re jiggly!) Rocket Knockers is the ecosystem’s answer to the entirely unprecedented NFT craze that has all but consumed the cryptoverse as of late.

Beautifully hand crafted by bunny laborers in the heart of Bunnytopia, these mounds of glory are as useful as they are beautiful! Stylized after only the perkiest of Anime characters, these ultra rare NFTs are a must have for any serious collector’s hoard.

Limited to only 10,000 minted, each character is stunning in it’s detail and originality. These aren’t your ordinary run of the mill NTFs however, not by a long shot. Each Knocker comes with it’s own specific set of gravity defying, uber-buoyant, skin tight set of traits, as well as a detailed description of the busty bomber, and a special personal message chosen by the fantastic fraulein herself! Not to mention, a percentage of all sales will be donated to breast cancer victims! (More info on this soon!)

A few examples of the stunning gals

Each mint is priced at 0.085 ETH, but discounted to 0.075 ETH if you hold at least 10 Trillion in Rocket Bunny tokens (about $150-$250 worth). Also, holding at least 100 Trillion in Rocket Bunny lets you mint Rocket Knockers up to 1 hour earlier than everyone else and increases the max purchase amount from 20 to 30! You can purchase BUNNY directly on our very own, sparkly, shiny-new DEX: The long awaited, ever anticipated, non-KYC regulated POCKETSWAP! ( and also on Uniswap (if you don’t want to be cool about it). You can now Mint Rocket Knockers at

In addition to all the bells and whistles already listed, each NFT gives holders access to the following supple yet firm bonus features:

The Bunny Converter: Knockers let you burn (not sell) Rocket Bunny tokens directly for ETH. Starting at 100%, each additional knocker held boosts the premium by 5%, up to 30%. That means that 1 ETH of BUNNY can be burned for 1.3 ETH, essentially a yield of 1,560% APY.

Revenue Sharing: Holding a good set of Knockers entitles you to receive a portion of all secondary sales on markets. Not just through staking, but also through direct claims. Payouts are multiplied by the number of Knockers you have. More Knockers = More Claims.

Exclusive Bonus NFT Mints: As the project continues to increase its momentum, additional NFTs will be mintable exclusively by holders of Rocket Knockers NFTs. Examples include secondary mints, complementary NFTs, and additional functionality.

Every Knocker will contribute donations in a very special, never before seen way to benefit breast cancer awareness.

Needless to say, these Knockers are sure to be so popular they’re liable to give you whiplash! Once again, there is a hard limit at 10,000 NTFs minted and are already selling out fast. If you like NFTs, if you like Bunny, if you like anime, then you’re going to love our Knockers.

So whata ya waitin’ for? NFT GREATNESS AWAITS! Don’t wait, these mammary medicating mamacitas won’t be here for long! And once they’re gone, they’re gone, gone, away! Buy your Knockers today!

— — -Ever Present, Always Thankful — — -

— — -The Rocket Bunny Team — — -



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