Swimmin’ in Poolz ‘n Jewlz

Our holders enjoying an afternoon stroll on the company yatch, the SS Prestige.

As usual, a lot of stuff has been going on over the Rocket universe. We’ve solidified our two partnerships with even more details, plus we are scheduled to long some ridiculously high APY pools. I’ll get right into it.

RUGZ ‘n TUGZ Poolz

Kendrick Lamar contemplating which of our pools he will be staking in.

As we previously announced, we’ve partnered with RUGZ in order to offer fantastic new opportunities to their new holders and ours. To start, there will be 3 pools where you’ll be able to farm RUGZ’ new token, TUGZ. You’ll be able to stake RUGZ/ETH, RUGZ/TUGZ, or simply RUGZ on its own. APY aims to be around 1000% to start.

Special Rocket Drop Pools

Kendrick Lamar completely ecstatic about the APY he’s getting on his BUNNY/PBOM holdings.

In addition to the above pools, we’re also opening up three special test pools where you can farm straight WBNB, ETH, and USDC. The APY on these pools will start at around 12,000% and will sustain a very high APY even with hundreds of stakers. How does this work you may ask? Financial magic of course.

Additional details on the mechanics will be divulged upon release. Rest assured, however, that there is no trickery here. These pools will allow Rocket token holders to farm real WBNB, ETH, and USDC. They will be opened shortly after our RUGZ pools open.

Farm the New RYI Token!

The RYI Ecosystem of products.

As many of you know, our main dev also works with the fantastic community over at RYI Unity. Due to the transaction fee issues that we’re all familiar with, RYI will be transitioning to BSC over the next few days. Rocket’s dev sycore will be handling the transition for the token, and in return, RYI will be launching a farming pool on Rocket Drop! As usual, this pool will target an average of 1000% APY for about 2–3 months. It’ll be a great opportunity for BUNNY/PBOM holders to get in on a great project with fantastic prospects.

The Big Boy

Real life stats page of what The Big Boy looks like.

Since we know that many people have been speculating as to what exactly this mysterious “Big Boy” release is going to be, we’ve decided to give a bit of insight into what you guys are in for.

“The Big Boy” is the code name being used for a new type of multi-chain AMM token exchange. Yes, the speculation of “Rocket Swap” is more than likely true. However, we don’t do things like everyone else over at Rocket. No sir, we take things to the max.

Rocket Swap is unlike any other exchange out there. Its main differentiator is that it allows tokens to create trading pools with extended liquidity. This is achieved by incentivizing liquidity provision in a whole new manner. Using these incentives, it would allow any token to open up trading pools with extensive liquidity on our exchange. Additionally, Rocket Swap will be available on the top five EVM compatible blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, xDai, and Matic. All of this will be useable with your standard ether wallet, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet.

We expect to release by the end of March, hopefully in time for Optimism’s main net launch. More details on how this is all being achieved will be released soon. Expect more updates shortly.

The Bomb Shelter

Diagram of a bomb shelter because it is a relevant image.

Completely unannounced to our holders, we will be releasing an exciting new platform that lets you earn more Rocket Bunny or Pocket Bomb. Code for this is approximately 95% complete, and we are very excited to launch this for our holders. Expected release will be in the next week or two, so stay tuned for more details.

Wrap Up

A very tired bunny after all these announcements. Eat well, young bun.

I couldn’t come up with a better title for the conclusion section, so here it is. I think if you made it this far you get the gist of what’s going on at Rocket. Exciting things are brewing, and we hope to bring all of our fantastic and amazing holders along with us on this journey!



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