The Beauty of Design.

When you make a trade on any DEX, your trade gets sent through the cryptoverse through contracts called Routers. This is helpful when the asset you want to receive is not directly paired with the asset you want to trade it for. The majority of DEXs out there simply aggregate the largest DEXs per chain routing. We at RBX think that’s just lazy craftsmanship. Since having the best DEX in the game is what we pride ourselves on, we built our own proprietary Teleswap contracts. That means we control the routing and can give our users the best price possible per trade with the cheapest gas possible. Our Teleswap routers create a more efficient route than other DEXs and that ends up in some hefty savings in transaction fees. Cheaper gas = more profit. When compared to the competition such as Uniswap or Pancake swap RBX can either quote you the same price or less! In some cases, RBX has undercut Uni/PCS gas costs by 20%-25%!

In addition to finding the best priced swap for our users, our Teleswap contracts allow RBX to start collecting fees and producing revenue as a project for our team and our holders — That’s right! We are not using meme tokenomics or hyping our coin to pump and dump call groups, we are building REAL products with REAL use cases that generate REAL revenue. This revenue makes its way back to our holders in the form of staking rewards and buybacks. That’s not all our Teleswap contracts can do, however. RBX will also be implementing referral codes that you can give to your friends to use our DEX. In the same way a CEX will use referral codes to reduce your trading fees, RBX will give any wallet you specify a cut of the trading fees produced by your referral code. This is the true beauty of our design. Cheaper gas and better pricing for our users, revenue to sustain the project and give back to our community, and referral codes that could even be a source of income for our biggest influencers. RBX is playing the long game and working hard to become a titan of the DeFi industry. Trade better. Trade with RBX



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