The Big F*cking Release

(no really, it’s f*cking big)

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Impressionist rendition of the future.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks over at Bunny World. We’ve got a stronger community than ever, and more keep joining us. The type of vibe we keep over at the Bunny Barn (not the official group name fyi) is always positive, friendly, and BS free. Our holders are happy. Happy holders = stable base.

We’re all well aware that positive vibes alone don’t increase market cap, but what you’ll read about next will.

Update One: New Website

Thanks to our team, specifically Churro, we’ve been able to launch our new and improved website! With an amazing and unique redesign, our aesthetic now properly conveys a solid project. Check it out here:

Update Two: Rocket Drop

As many of our holders know, we soft-launched Rocket Drop last weekend to great fanfare. If you haven’t read our previous articles, Rocket Drop is a platform that allows holders to stake bunny and receive yield in a variety of tokens. Our current proof-of-concept pool is paying out Chainlink tokens as we speak. In the upcoming week, other pools will be opened. Through our partnerships, holders are able to stake for exclusive tokens right on our website.

Due to its low transaction fees and exponentially growing volume, we’ve decided to release Rocket Drop on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). That brings us to our next announcement…

Holder Airdrop

The average price of gas on the ETH mainnet is absurd. Not only is trading in a chokehold, the network is practically at a standstill. The lifeblood of any volume-based yield token is consistent trading activity. This required a solution, and luckily, alternatives exist to remedy the situation.

That’s why we’ve decided to expand Rocket Bunny into Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This will not be a redeployment of the token, nor a doubling of supply. No, this is a solution that let’s existing BUNNY holders bridge their tokens over to BSC. Once bridged, BUNNY can be traded on PancakeSwap for our BSC-only token: Pocket Bomb (PBOM).

The best part about it? If you bridge your bunnies back to ETH, you will still be able to collect the yield you would have received if you hadn’t bridged. That’s right, even if you bridge your bunnies, you will still receive your distribution from the 1% transaction tax. Simply bridge back and claim your bunnies + accrued yield.

If that wasn’t enough to get people excited about Pocket Bomb, anyone that holds 0.20 ETH worth of BUNNY or more will be able to claim a predetermined supply of PBOM. The amount of PBOM you receive will increase proportionally to the amount of BUNNY you currently hold. Additionally, there will be a triple snapshot taking place in order to prevent dumping. These snapshots will be at random times so as to prevent gaming the system.

The first snapshot has already been taken: you must be at least in the last 2 snapshots in order to receive your share of Pocket Bomb. If you are in the first snapshot, you’ll get a surprise bonus :)

Pocket Bomb: The Tiny Cousin of Rocket Bunny

Pocket Bomb in action. Technically sand, but it was a disappointing image search.

The challenge of bridging tokens with custom functionality like Rocket Bunny is that they don’t retain said functionality. This is a problem, of course. It’s one of the main incentives of holding Rocket Bunny. So we had to engineer a solution.

Enter Pocket Bomb (PBOM), a BSC-only fork of Rocket Bunny designed for PancakeSwap liquidity pools. It will be the main token needed to use the BSC version of Rocket Drop. It is tradable with bridged Rocket Bunny (bWBUNNY), starting at a 1,000,000,000:1 ratio through the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. Note: the ratio will change naturally with demand, as it is essentially pricing PBOM against bWBUNNY.

The LP bonus rewards were shifted due to few people actually taking advantage of it; this is the main difference between $BUNNY and $PBOM.

Keep in mind that even though the swap ratio is high, the trading value is also 1 billion times higher. That’s because there are 1 billion times less Pocket Bomb tokens than Rocket Bunny. It also means that swapping will produce no initial loss. Don’t forget, you can always swap back, bridge back to ETH, and claim your BUNNY yield.

Similar to Rocket Bunny, Pocket Bomb tokens will:

  • Provide yield without staking (1% per transaction)
  • Burn 1% of each transaction
  • Lock 2% of each transaction as liquidity, increasing its price floor

Get your BNB ready, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

Timeline: NOW (almost)

Father Time, because I used the word “time”.

Pocket Bomb will be released tomorrow night (February 19th, UTC-5). The PancakeSwap pool for PBOM/BNB will be available immediately; BUNNY/PBOM will follow shortly after in order to prevent PBOM holders getting dumped on. Shortly afterward, Rocket Drop will be deployed.

The PBOM claims page for existing Rocket Bunny holders will be available within 3–5 days. This is done to prevent “Chads” from gaming the system and hurting Pocket Bomb holders.

We expect a serious amount of volume for both BUNNY and PBOMB in the coming days. Especially once we release the “Big Boy” ;)

Fellow Bunnies, the best is yet to come!


  • We release a new website with new branding
  • We released Rocket Drop on ETH mainnet
  • We’re expanding Rocket Drop to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) this week
  • As of tomorrow, you can bridge BUNNY to BSC
  • We are releasing Pocket Bomb (PBOM), a modified fork of BUNNY on
  • PancakeSwap (BSC), with 1 billion times less supply and double the liquidity lock
  • You can swap bridged BUNNY for PBOM on PancakeSwap at a 1:1 value ratio
  • Holders of 0.20+ ETH worth of BUNNY will be airdropped an amount of PBOM that increases with holdings
  • If you bridge BUNNY, you can still claim your yield when you bridge back

Come hang out with fellow Bunnies or ask questions right over at our telegram group:

Or check out our site at:

And don’t forget to say hi on twitter! ->




Welcome to RBX, A cornerstone of the Carbon ecosystem of products, the RBX token is used for general utility purposes across our multi-token suite.

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Welcome to RBX, A cornerstone of the Carbon ecosystem of products, the RBX token is used for general utility purposes across our multi-token suite.

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