What can RBX do for your Project?

Do you want to bring more utility to your favorite DeFi crypto project? RBX has a catalog of products that you can integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem. Every product has been widgetized and can be white labeled to best suit your needs. If you are interested in any of the products listed below feel free to email us at contact@rbx.ae. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions and get you set up with exactly what you need. Don't take our word for it on how great our products are. Go to our dapp and try them out for yourselves!


Bridge: Open your project up to new possibilities and new people. The RBX Bridge enables projects to deploy their token on a secondary and/or tertiary chain, and allows holders to swap their assets seamlessly between them. Tokens deployed on multiple chains create the opportunity for arbitrage; arbitrage is effectively the utilization of price differences between chains to create a profit opportunity; buying tokens from a lower priced chain, and selling them on the higher priced chain, which equalizes the prices.

DEX: Make it easy for your community and new members to participate in your ecosystem by not having to leave your website to trade. With RBX unique cross-chain solution, allowing seamless trading across all of our supported blockchains(18 and growing), just as easy as trading on a single-chain DEX. For example: An Ethereum token can be traded with a Binance Smart chain token, to an AVAX token, to a Polygon token, and back again, vice versa, etc

Limit Orders: RBX Limit Orders allow you to initiate trades at prices set by the user, in an order book fashion, similar to a CEX. Setting up a limit order is as easy a typical trade, simply set a desired buy/sell, set the target price, and the limit order service will execute everything autonomously. Limit orders have no restrictions, allowing any price, amount of tokens, or amount of limit orders.

OTC Trades: OTC Trades (Over The Counter), allows you to safely trade directly with an individual rather than swapping into a liquidity pool, facilitated by a trustless smart contract system. Trading directly with an individual guarantees the price will not be affected in any way like swapping on the open market (DEX or CEX) will do.

Peer To Peer ON/Off Ramp: On-ramping is typically done through centralized exchanges, or requires a credit card and KYC. RBX P2P eliminates a large barrier of entry, as one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks for many new holders is buying crypto with fiat, or turning that crypto back into fiat. The P2P system aggregates and interacts with multiple P2P exchange providers, automatically posting, accepting, and executing the desired trades, all semi-autonomously. P2P Trades support off-ramping as well (Exchanging crypto for fiat), with a multitude of fiat options, such as: Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, bank transfer, and more.

Staking: Staking allows holders to temporarily provide their tokens to a smart contract and receive rewards. The yield on each pool will vary based on the initial pool of rewards allotted, how many tokens are currently staked for each pool, and the pool that you’ve entered. Time locks can be provided if desired.

Whale Orders: The RBX Whale Order tool executes algorithmically controlled trades, buys and sells. These trades are executed at algorithmically determined time and price intervals to maximize trade effectiveness, while lowering price impact. Very large, single transaction trades can suffer significant losses on the open market due to high price impact and low liquidity. Whale orders are placed in a single, simple, easy manner, with customizable parameters set by the user, and the RBX trading algorithm handles the rest until the order is completely filled in the most effective way possible. More money for the trader all while being nicer on the chart.



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Welcome to RBX, A cornerstone of the Carbon ecosystem of products, the RBX token is used for general utility purposes across our multi-token suite.